Warwulf – In The Glare Of A Dying Horizon (2015)

1. Black Flames Of Glory
2. Dark Hymns For The Black Arts
3. Wings Of Pestilence
4. Altars Of The Black Sun
5. A Monument Of Honour
6. The Laments And Coffin
7. Funeral Rituals
8. Forging A Will Through Hate
9. When Silence Is Heard

 Today’s review will be for one of the best, in my opinion, albums in the world. This album is one of greatest albums in the history of ns black metal, raw black metal, and black metal in general.

Most part of metal fans thinks, that black metal can be made only in North Europe, bands from the “New World” can’t make real black metal. But it is not a truth, even in the USA exist great black metal bands, and Warwulf is a good example. This album is something unbelievable, truly masterpiece!

Everything is really great there, sound, rhythm, lyrics, atmosphere. I think this release is a gift for all fans of raw black metal, atmosphere black metal, ns black metal. If you still not listen to it, you should.

The highest score of all.