Mixed Martial Arts

Hello, everyone. Our days MMA (mixed martial arts) is the most popular sport for young people around the globe (except in such countries as China, where national traditional martial arts are still dominant). And in all media you can see fighters from UFC, most of the fighting choreography in movies looks very similar to MMA. Let’s talk about this.

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Frank Dux: fake or legit?

Hello, everyone. If your childhood was during 80th – 90th, such movies as “Bloodsport” (1988) were your favorite. And a very interesting fact about this film is that it’s possessed as real-bassed. And Frank Dux is a real person. But it’s not so clear if it really based on real events. Let’s talk about Frank Dux and his legacy.

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Incomprehensibily of football hooligans idea


Hello, everyone. If you are from the USA, you have your own football, and you can think “who the fuck these football hooligans are?”. But this article has nothing common with NFL, there is another game, which is much more famous worldwide, except for the US, which you call soccer. And there is such a movement members of which calls themself “hooligans”.

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Why do I don’t work as a personal trainer

Hi, everyone. If you are interested in fitness or any kind of workout in the gym, you saw a lot of bloggers, who said that personal trainer in the gym is a very profitable and perspective profession. And I want to explain why I think that it’s a scam.

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