Why do I avoid Russian-speaking people?

As I’ve already mentioned, I’m working in an internet marketing international company, and because of that I often talk to people from different countries (my colleagues and clients). There are people from the USA, Canada, Mexico, England, Italy, India, Philippines, China, Russia, Ukraine, Grees, Pakistan, etc.

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Hi, folks. Some time ago I’ve realized one thing, very often I see a lot of fat and drunk “nationalist”, and “patriots”. And it looks awful. Especially, when those “brave warriors” wear shirts with the title “the honor of the nation”. What?! Honor?! Are you fucker think that you’re the honor of your nation? How could you be the honor of anything? You lazy, drunk, fat piece of crap?

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Paradox of social media


In the “digital age”, almost everyone has an account in one of the social media, or on several at the same time (someone has dozens of accounts on the different social media). I have a few accounts on the social media, but all of them non-active in large part of the time. Why don’t I use these services in the same way most part of people? In this post, I’ll explain you.

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Inverted world

marianna_anchor-still-for-web 1

We live in the inverted world, where religions teaching people to hate each other, priests break all precepts that they preach their followers, prostitution perceived as something normal, freaks are coming to be national stars, most part of wars begins in a name of peace, everyone thinks that they are not like other, everyone wants to be perfect but don’t want to make anything for this, we listen about democracy and equality of people, but let’s try to win a lawsuit against a billionaire to make sure in an experience, how it works, success for the most part of people – it’s a lazy drinker with a lot of sluts, etc. Continue reading “Inverted world”