Clown World

Hello, everyone. Last weeks were so insane and so lame, that even a half a year ago I would not believe that it is possible. And I decided not to comment all of this for a while, to have more details and see clearly. And I don’t think that now there is a really clear picture. taking information from media, but so many things happen at the same time, that after a few weeks more it would be impossible to realize all of this in detail.

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Incomprehensibily of football hooligans idea


Hello, everyone. If you are from the USA, you have your own football, and you can think “who the fuck these football hooligans are?”. But this article has nothing common with NFL, there is another game, which is much more famous worldwide, except for the US, which you call soccer. And there is such a movement members of which calls themself “hooligans”.

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About Texas and Ohio terrorist attacks

Hi, everyone. I’m sure that all of you are aware of these cases, all news networks and websites talking about that, hoping to have more traffic. And because of that, they try to do their best to come up with the most shocking headlines and theories. And this article about this bullshit.

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