Rambo 5: Last Blood – the art of exposing SJW assholes

Hi, everyone. Nearly a week ago a new part of Rambo series came out, and right after that all SJWs began to scream with their hight-castrate-soja voices, and fart on Twitter, Rotten Tomatoes, and other SJW-incubators. Let’s talk about this movie.

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About Texas and Ohio terrorist attacks

Hi, everyone. I’m sure that all of you are aware of these cases, all news networks and websites talking about that, hoping to have more traffic. And because of that, they try to do their best to come up with the most shocking headlines and theories. And this article about this bullshit.

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Is “Black Panther” the best movie of 2018?

I’m sure that if you live not in the cave you saw gazillions articles/ posts like “Top 10 best comics screen adaptations for all times”, “Best superhero movie”, “First black screen superhero”, etc. And in each of these articles an author trying to tell you that “Black Panther” is absolutely amazing.

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