Mixed Martial Arts

Hello, everyone. Our days MMA (mixed martial arts) is the most popular sport for young people around the globe (except in such countries as China, where national traditional martial arts are still dominant). And in all media you can see fighters from UFC, most of the fighting choreography in movies looks very similar to MMA. Let’s talk about this.

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Frank Dux: fake or legit?

Hello, everyone. If your childhood was during 80th – 90th, such movies as “Bloodsport” (1988) were your favorite. And a very interesting fact about this film is that it’s possessed as real-bassed. And Frank Dux is a real person. But it’s not so clear if it really based on real events. Let’s talk about Frank Dux and his legacy.

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Bruce Lee: facts, fictions, thoughts

Hi, everyone. Because of the total quarantine in almost the entire world, everyone has a lot of free time. And because of that, there are many more people on the internet. One of my main interests in life is martial arts. As I see, Bruce Lee is still one of the most engaging themes in the world of martial arts.

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Bruce Lee and his legacy

Hi, everyone. Quentin Tarantino used Bruce Lee figure in his last movie, and in very unpresentable form. I didn’t see this movie, because I’m not interested in this film. But I found this particular scene, and I don’t like it too. And in my opinion, Quentin Tarantino is an idiot, who want to draw attention to his movie, and he knows that he showed lies about Bruce. But this story reminded me of Bruce Lee and his legacy.

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