12 Monkeys (Review)

Hello, everyone. These days all movie industry do absolutely predictable and faceless crap. In the last half of a year it became even worse, all the premiers were moved due to the quarantine. And after the quarantine ends, we’ll have much fewer movies, because during the quarantine movie production significantly reduced. So, most of the really great movies that we can watch our days are from previous decades. “12 Monkeys” is one of them.

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Scam: Binary auctions and forex

Hello, everyone. Weirdy enough, such things as binary auctions and forex platforms are still not banned everywhere. And it’s quite weird that someone still believes that it’s possible to earn money there. These things aren’t new, and it’s not a big problem to find out that it’s total, a 100% scam. But I see ads everywhere, on Youtube, Google play store, ads in public transport. If you somehow still didn’t realize that it’s the same shit as if you play pocket with a cheater, then I’ll give you clear explanations about what it is.

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Clown World

Hello, everyone. Last weeks were so insane and so lame, that even a half a year ago I would not believe that it is possible. And I decided not to comment all of this for a while, to have more details and see clearly. And I don’t think that now there is a really clear picture. taking information from media, but so many things happen at the same time, that after a few weeks more it would be impossible to realize all of this in detail.

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Frank Dux: fake or legit?

Hello, everyone. If your childhood was during 80th – 90th, such movies as “Bloodsport” (1988) were your favorite. And a very interesting fact about this film is that it’s possessed as real-bassed. And Frank Dux is a real person. But it’s not so clear if it really based on real events. Let’s talk about Frank Dux and his legacy.

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