Nydvind – Seas of Oblivion (2018)

  1. Plying the Oars
  2. Sailing Towards the Unknown
  3. Skywrath
  4. Till the Moon Drowns
  5. Sea of Thalardh
  6. The Dweller of the Deep
  7. Through Primeval Waters
  8. Unveiling a New Earth

Third album of really underrated Franch pagan metal band Nydvind. I think it is really interesting release, and in this review, I’ll explain to you why I think so.

As you can predict looking at the album image, the main theme of this album is a sea. But sea in the different meaning than in lyrics of pirate-metal bands. If you familiar with other works of Nydvind, you know that the theme of songs, as usual, is the mother nature.

Style of music could be characterized as a pagan metal with includes of epic and black metal. In some songs, you can hear an acoustic guitar and includes of Celtic folk music, and because of that sound became more atmospheric.  Separately I want to talk about the vocal, it is perfect for such music. Extreme vocal and clean vocals, both are good and complement the music. My favorite tracks are Sea of Thalardh, Skywrath, and Plying the Oars.

For more deep grasp, I suggest you kick out everyone from the room, turn off the light, and use your headphones (and if it will be a raining day, the atmosphere will be even better). Then you’ll feel this music in the higher level.

I very like such sound and because of that, I like this album. In my opinion, guys from the band have made a great job. It is not a masterpiece of all times, but still a very strong album. If you interesting in such music, you must have this album.

If you interested in this long play, you can buy this album on the official page of the label