NYDVIND – Aeons (2018)

  1. Sea of Thalardh (Seas of Oblivion – 3d album – 2018)
  2. Skywrath (Seas of Oblivion – 3d album – 2018)
  3. Ghostly Horde (Web Bonus – 2012)
  4. Wrath and Wisdom (Split Bornholm/Nydvind -2011)
  5. The Godless (Snow to the Elders – 2nd album – 2010)
  6. Invocation of the Morning Star (Eternal Winter Domain re-release Bonus – 2006)
  7. Thunderhymn (Eternal Winter Domain – 1st album – 2003)

CD released before the last album, it is not an album, it’s compilation.

Very hard to write a review for the compilation releases, because as usual compilations consist of most successful songs or be-sides tracks. This release something similar to both of types.  Here you can find a track, that was released outside of albums, best songs from old albums, few new songs, and track from the split album.

I like this band, so I like this release, and if someone doesn’t know yet this band, I’ll suggest you begin with this release, because if you’ll like it then you can looking for other albums, if not, then it’s band not for you.

I think there are not all best songs, I can find at least 7 more successful tracks from past albums. But here you can check how was changed their sound.

If you interested in this long play, you can buy this album on the official page of the label