Mysticum – In the Streams of Inferno (1996)



  1. Industries of Inferno
  2. The Rest
  3. Let the Kingdome Come
  4. Wintermass
  5. Crypt of Fear
  6. Where the Raven Files
  7. In Your Grave
  8. In the Last of the Ruins We Search for a New Planet

One of a most interesting album of 96′ year from founders of black industrial/industrial black metal. 21 years  have passed, from the date of release but this work still sounds modern and no one still didn’t make something better in the same genre than this masterpiece

All bands, who have tried to work in such genre have made or black metal with using of samples or made electronic music with guitar sound. But on this album, we can find an excellent combination of black metal and industrial sound.

The sound is aggressive, rhythmic, gloomy, rawly, with using of samples. Sounds great, I very like to listen to this album when I travel by train or metro. When the sounds of music subside and some noises from mechanisms coming to been heard, it’s mixed in the atmosphere of post-apocalypsis. Guitar sound and electronic rhythms were mixed in excellent proportions. It’s a very rare occasion when listening album you can’t stop it until the album does not end.

I really like such styles of music as black metal, rhythmic noise, dark ambient, and all of these were combined in this great album. If other bands of this genre, Aborym like an example, have made such albums, this style would be my preferred.

The highest assessment from all of possible. I sure, everyone fan of extreme metal music must hear this album.