Mayhem – Esoteric Warfare (2014)

 1. Watchers

2. Psywar

3. Trinity

4. Pandeamon


6. VI.Sec.

7. Throne of time

8. Corpse of care

9. Posthuman

10. Aion Suntelia

 The fifth and last on this day studio album of one of the founders of Norwegian black metal band, Mayhem. It is my favorite album, and even if it is not original Mayhem (like oldfags always whining), but it is a real masterpiece, from the most legendary black metal band of all times.
  I’ve heard many time such opinion, that Mayhem in our days is not a true black metal band, and their sound is not a black metal. Maybe today’s sound is different than in first albums, but if you’ll tell me that Mayhem is not a black metal I’ll reply you: FUCK OFF!

Why do I think this album is really cool? Because it is a darkest atmospheric black metal sound that I’ve heard from the old metal band, not only black metal bands. Also, the vocal is something unbelievable, Attila is the best screamer of all times. His vocal is so demonic, that it is hard to believe if it sings human. Hellhammer, the drummer, I think one of the greatest drummers in the world, of all times. His technic and speed are awesome.

The best, in my opinion, songs here are “Watchers” and “MILAB”. These songs just insane. “Watchers” is fast and aggressive, like a beest; “MILAB” is low and medium tempo song with the atmosphere of horror movies.

This album is one of the best not only in black metal but in metal in general. You just must hear it, even if you don’t like Mayhem, you will find something interesting there. But if you a christian fanatic, or glamour gay, forget what I’ve said, you don’t need to listen to this album.