Burzum – Filosofem (1996)



  1. Dunkelheit
  2. Jesus’Tod
  3. Erblicket Die Tochter des Firmaments
  4. Gebrechlichkeit I
  5. Rundgung um Die Transzendetale Saule der Singularitat
  6. Gebrechlichkeit II

The first review on my website is a review for one of three my most favorite albums of all times. I think each album of Varg Vikernes oeuvre is a masterpiece of the genre, in which this creation was made.

This album was released when Varg already was in a jail. I think from this album were started such genres like depressive black metal, atmospheric black metal, and ambient black metal. At the same period of time, all black metal bands tried to play more quickly, rawer, harder, and harsher. But Varg has gone by the different way, he lowered the rhythm, made the depressive atmosphere, and used electronic keyboards for instrumental tracks.

If you call this release just a great album, you’ll express too weak about such excellent creation. From the moment when you start to listen to this album you plunge into the atmosphere of full despair, freezing wind, paganism. In musical part, this album is better than more earlier Burzum albums. I’ve heard many times an acoustic versions of tracks from this album, and them sounds great.

If you’ve never heard this album, I suggest you make it. Because it could be the greatest album of the full history of black metal.