Bathory – Twilight of the Gods (1991)

  1. Twilight Of The Gods
  2. Through Blood By Thunder
  3. Blood Of Iron
  4. Under The Runes
  5. To Enter Your Mountain
  6. Bond Of Blood
  7. Hammerheart
  8. The Wings Of Mayhem (outro)

Bathory is one of my favorite bands for all times. And this album was the first Bathory album that I have heard. And I think it is a true masterpiece for all times.

It was second non-black metal Bathory’s album, and like an album that was released one year later, it is an example for following for all epic/viking/pagan metal artists for all times. Quorthon has created a few sub-styles of metal. And if we talking about black metal, Bathory brought to black metal atmospheric and pagan/viking thematic of lyrics. And Quorthon decided to go ahead in this direction, and this and previous albums are the results of his diving to epic/pagan/viking thematic and atmosphere. On these albums, and albums that came after, thematic of songs have affected to the sound.

The result of his work we can see (or it will be correct, hear) on this is a masterpiece. I’m not sure if there exists a metal fan, who had never heard Bathory, but if yes, I advise you to listen to this legendary band, no matter by which album you’ll begin, from this one or another, all Bathory albums beginning from the 1987 year are awesome.