AZZIARD – 1916 (2009)

1. Hiver
2. Verdun
3. Regression
4. Defigure
5. Effondrement
6. Tranchee
7. Rebelion
8. Demiere volonte

  First album of France death\black metal band. I very like first albums of such bands because the sound in such albums is rawer.

Actually, it is not the first release of AZZIARD, it is the first studio album. The first release was the demo album “Heaven Burn By Hatred”, and it is my favorite album of AZZIARD. The second demo “Eternal Remains” was good too, the music in these years was more atmospheric and blackened. If count only studio albums, “1916” is the most atmospheric their album.

I still can’t tell anything regarding lyrics, because I don’t know France, but music is pretty good, and I found here songs, that I like most from AZZIARD’s albums.

If you read my old reviews, you could though, that I don’t like death metal. It is true only partially. If I would choose, what I prefer black metal or death metal, I will prefer black metal. But I have the list of death metal bands, that I listen really often. But I more like old-school death metal, like Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Morbid Angel, Deicide, etc.

But it was off top, let’s back to our today’s review. This album is really good, and I suggest you listen to this album. And if you interested in this album, you can buy it on the official page pf label.