AZZIARD – Metempsychose (2017)


1. Premier Jour

2. L’Enfer

3. L’Anachorete, Dies

4. Ascension

5. Le Mentre du Heros

6. Second Jour

7. Archetype

8. Unus Mendus

9. Psyche

10. Le Secrifice

 Today I’ll talk about the last until the current moment release of France black/death metal band “AZZIARD”. I’ve heard their two previous albums, and I think this record is more professional and the sound became to more high level.  But let’s talk about everything in order.

This album begins with a short intro, in the spirit of the genre. From the first seconds of the second track, you will hear powerful, hard, but melodic death/black metal. In some parts, there’re many black metal influences, in other death metal. Personally, I like a much black metal sound then death metal. In general, if someone would ask me, what sounds this album like, I would tell that more similar sound you can hear in some releases of Behemoth.

Regarding sound, in my opinion, sound engineers and musicians made the best, all instruments and vocals sound well and harmonic. About the lyrics, I, unfortunately, can’t tell anything, I don’t know French.

My favorite song is “L’Anachorete, Dies”, from firsts seconds it sounds like a Scandinavian black metal from 90’s. When I’ve listened this album first time, I even didn’t understand that it was over, the album is not stretched by time. Some of the tracks are remembered very fast. I can advise this album to everyone who likes such sound. I personally like less melodic and more underground sound.

If you interested in this long play, you can buy this album on the official page of the label