Jocko Willink’s review on George Orwell’s “1984”

Hello, everyone. It’s not my usual post. I’m a subscriber of the Jocko Willing Youtube channel called “Jocko Podcast”. And his last podcast was about the best George Orwell’s book “1984”. In my opinion, everyone should read this book. And during this podcast, Jocko made one of the best reviews for this book, his real experience in life allowed him to see this book in a bit different way than the average reader. He is the man who was in the real war, and he knows that freedom is worth fighting for it.

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Aster comics, review

Country: USA
Genre: Fantasy
Author: Ronaldo Roxas, Narciso Roxas, Oliver Isabedra
Publisher: Entity comics
Format: Comics
Publication date: 1995
Book #1

It is not a book, in usual meaning, it is comics book, but I’ll write reviews for comics to books category (I don’t read so many comics, to create a separate category for them).

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