Dark Funeral – The Secrets of the Black Arts (1996)

Hello, everyone. As usual in this category, we’ll talk about another awesome album. This time it’s Dark Funeral’s “The Secrets of the Black Arts”, released in 1996.

Artist: Dark Funeral
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: No Fashion Records
Type: Full-length
Format: CD, Digipak
Release date: 28 January 1996

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Mixed Martial Arts

Hello, everyone. Our days MMA (mixed martial arts) is the most popular sport for young people around the globe (except in such countries as China, where national traditional martial arts are still dominant). And in all media you can see fighters from UFC, most of the fighting choreography in movies looks very similar to MMA. Let’s talk about this.

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12 Monkeys (Review)

Hello, everyone. These days all movie industry do absolutely predictable and faceless crap. In the last half of a year it became even worse, all the premiers were moved due to the quarantine. And after the quarantine ends, we’ll have much fewer movies, because during the quarantine movie production significantly reduced. So, most of the really great movies that we can watch our days are from previous decades. “12 Monkeys” is one of them.

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