Dantalion – Time To Pass Away (2021)

Hello, everyone. Today I’ll tell you about one upcoming release, which will be interesting for everyone who likes black metal. The band reached me this week and gave me a chance to listen to it before its release date.

Artist: Dantalion
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Spain
Label: Darkwoods
Type: Full-length
Format: CD/Collectors Edition/Digital
Release date: 31 July 2021

This band was formed in 2004 in Vigo, Galicia (Spain), and it’s their 9th full-length album. Their first releases were made in depressive black metal style, then they moved to more melodic sound with death/doom influences. But during global lock-down their previous vocalist Sanguinist has backed to group. And on this album you can hear some kind of symbiosis of earlier sound with more recent. But old sound is fundamental here.

Here you can find high speed tracks, more melodic tracks, atmospheric intro, influences of depressive, technical, and classical sound. In general it’s black metal suitable for current time. For me the most memorable part is vocal, it’s really good, good skills and it’s complements sound and atmospheric of this album. Music part is strong too, good black metal, made by high-skilled musicians with decades of experience. Sometimes the sound is raw, sometimes it’s more technical and melodic.

As you can imagine, texts are not very positive or hope-giving, the number of total tracks is eight, and easy for listening (if you listen to different metal sub-genres for 20 or more years). This album has 3 editions, standard edition, special limited edition (only 50 hand-numbered copies, with cardboard slipcase and extended artwork), and the most limited collectors edition on a cardboard box and many exclusive extras. You can pre-order it on official bandcamp page or on website of Darkwood label.

Also wanted to mention artwork of this album, it was made by such artist as Vergvoktre, great work.

If you interesting in this band you can subscribe on their official Youtube channel, Instagram or Facebook page. And don’t forget to support non-commercial artists which you like, they are not wealthy MTV mediocrities.

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