Oscar 2021 disaster and declining rating of Hollywood

Hello, everyone. Some time ago, a week or so, this year’s Oscar ceremony took place. And this was the worst ceremony ever, with the lowest rating ever. Let’s talk about it and why Hollywood production loses its relevancy.

Well, all pro-Hollywood media can explain that global lock-down is responsible for everything. But to be honest, it might be responsible for box office in cinemas, and even if we check a box office for “Godzilla vs Kong” for example, we can see that if the movie is good, it will be successful. During lock-down rating of online streams (such as Oscar ceremony) and online cinemas should have much higher rating. People are at home and they want entertainment.

But most of new Hollywood production, Hollywood events, and even news from Hollywood are not interesting for most people. And the reason is: everyone who have at least some brain don’t care about social justice propaganda from stupid and corrupt Hollywood establishment .

All this projection from people, the only talent of who is to portray other people, about how you should live, how you should behave, how you should think. It’s total garbage, and normal people are tired of this. Over time this situation will be only worse.

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