Mortal Kombat (2021) review

Hello everyone. In 2020 there was almost no movies, especially interesting once. And original release date of this particular movie was previous year. But because of global lock-down its release date was moved to current. And this movie is is worth to talk about. Attention: there are a lot of spoilers in the text!

I’m a fan of Mortal Kombat universe since its second game, which came out at 1993. And after 1995 movie it became one of my all times favorite ones. Now I see that this movie is not perfect, but it’s much better than 90% such type movies made even till current moment, and in 1995 it was something unbelievable, especially for kids (and I was in junior school age).

The second film “Annihilation” was really weak, even in 1997 when it came I saw that this part is much worse then first one. And it’s one of the worst movie adaptations of video games ever. After it third film was delayed, and was never made. There were a huge list of games, TV series, web-series, dozens of fan films, etc.

But this is first attempt to reanimate MK on the big screen. The first trailer gained the biggest number of views on YouTube for movie trailer. And even today, with all quarantine restrictions this movie is doing good and has good box office, especially for R-rated movie.

A week ago I saw this movie, and I really like it. There is well-choreographed fights, fatalities (at last!), recognizable characters, many easter eggs. One of the best parts of this movie is Hiroyuki Sanada, he is a great actor, I like him in many movies, and it’s great that he still can be a ninja at 60 years old. The only thing that his role is too small in this movie, I want to see his Hanzo Hasashi is amazing.

Now a few minuses. The main minus is Cole Young. The character himself is useless, empty, stupid and not interesting, the actor Lewis Tan is one of the worst I even saw. The reason why he appeared in this movie is because in Hollywood if you want to have opportunity to make a movie, you shouldn’t do a main character a white guy. His special ability is BS, and during YouTube interview with cast he talked all the time how difficult in today’s Hollywood to get a main role for non-white dude (WTF?). The guy whom parents worked in film industry, who was born in England, who was involved in film industry from children age talks about how difficult is life for him.

Another minus is how fast they killed classic characters (Goro, Kung Lao, Mileena, etc.). I can understand why Sub Zero died, he is the main villain in this movie, and Hanzo should have revenge for his family, but all other characters were killed just to show fatalities. Even without tournament.

But in general, even with not best cast this movie is good, and I hope there will be more films from MK universe. As I know, creators of this movie is planning to make a few more movies.

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