Weight loss myths

Hello, everyone. Such thing as weight loss is so studied, and there are so many absolutely free sources, where you can learn how to do a weight loss right, that it’s very weird that many people still believe in old myths about this process. Let’s talk about some of these myths.

  First of all, if you eat fewer calories than you spend during your daily activity, you’ll lose weight. It’s not always linear, but it works, because fundamental physician laws work. If you do not believe check photos of prisoners from the Auschwitz concentration camp. Do you really believe that within hundreds of thousands of people, which were there, no at least one particular human, with improper digestion, big bone structure, hormonal dysfunction, or bad genetic heredity?

But the main thing that if you want to do it healthily, there are some basic rules. For example, you should decrease the number of calories that you consume slowly, without a fast decline. When you decrease it too fast you’ll be losing muscle tissue over time. Also, your energy level starts to decline, and you’ll be tired all the time. As a result, your mental and physical health will be much worse.

Not all calories are equal. You should have enough protein and healthy fat in your daily diet. If your daily diet 2000 calories, you can have it from 4-5 healthy meals, or you can drink 5 liters of cola. The effect will be absolutely different. You should decrease your calories by declining of consumption of fast carbohydrates (from sugars, trans fat, starch, soda drinks, alcohol, etc.).

You should eat after 6 pm (7 pm or any other number that you heard). But it’s should be mostly proteins, not carbohydrates. If you want to eat healthily, you should stop eating 2 hours before you go sleep, but not at some magical hour of the day.

It’s absolutely unnecessary to work out when during fat loss. Your health and look of your body will be better if you work out, and weight loss might be a bit faster if you work out. But if you eat less than spend, you will lose weight in any way.

And not the last, but one of the newest myths, obesity is not healthy! You can like it looks (if you have some sexual deviations), but it’s on the opposite side of health. There is no benefit for your health in obesity.

P.S.: In this article, I wrote only very basic things about weight loss, which are good for beginners. There are many other programs for athletes, according to their level and type of sport.


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