Beshenitar – Around the 13 Sins (2021)

Hello, everyone. Today I’ll review something really interesting and original. I’ve already written an article about this project, and this time I was able to listen to its new album before the official release.

Artist: Beshenitar
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Country: Iran
Label: Depressive Illusions Records/Phenix Music Records
Type: Full-length
Format: CD (limited), MP3
Release date: 22 January 2021
  This is a one-man project, from Iran. And the man who creates the music, lyrics, and vocal, Keyvan Khazayi is truly talented. He does all of this in his home studio, and the label does physical copy and releases his work.

If you know about Iran, its politics, and society, you know that this country is a dictatorship, not political only but religious dictatorship. Islamic fundamentalists are leaders of this country. And for me difficult to imagine how it should be difficult to be a black metal artist there. I think Keyvan is worth our respect.

I’ve heard his previous album, called “Rebellion in Solitude”, and it’s a bit different. There you can hear a bit more ambient and depressive ingredients. This time the album sounds like it was made during the golden age of black metal, like the early 90th. It’s a great example of raw black metal, how it should be done.

This album includes 13 tracks (very relevant with album title), total length is above an hour. I not sure how exactly the recording process was made, but I think the method was quite similar to Ildjarn’s best albums. This is a real old school black metal, with an original atmosphere.

The album is smooth but might be listened to by separate tracks too. The lyrics are full of anti-religious content, which is one, in my opinion, of the biggest problems for the artist. I think it’s boldly.

You should listen to it if you like raw or old school black metal, it’s something uncommon. You can do a pre-order of the CD here, and you should be fast because it’s a limited release, 66 copies only. Also, you can download it from an official Beshenitar’s Bandcamp page, right after the release date (only 4 days left), not sure if it will be free or not. Also, check his official website and social networks.

There is also the link, shared by an artist himself on this album mp3 version, and he gave me his permission to share it here. But if you like his music and have the opportunity to support him, please do it, I’m sure that he absolutely hasn’t any commercial benefits from his music. We should support the artists which we like.

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