“Tenet” movie review

Hello, everyone. It’s very difficult for me these days to find a really good movie, especially released in 2020 (when each movie’s premiere date was moved due to quarantine). And I didn’t watch this movie when it was in the cinema, mostly because of Robert Pattinson in the role of one of the main characters (I think you know why). But this movie surprised me when I finally decided to watch it.

Cristopher Nolan is one of the best directors our days, I don’t like everything that he did, but all his films have their own style, good atmosphere, and great cinematography. He was the best director for the Batman Dark Knight trilogy, which is a crime thriller, not a usual superhero movie series. His movies, where he is not director only, but a writer too are amazing. For example “Memento” (2000) is one of them. “Inception” (2010) and Interstellar (2014) are great too.

“Tenet” is a sci-fi action thriller and this movie, in my opinion, the best Cristopher Nolan movie so far. It’s interesting not only its unique time-travel concept, but the atmosphere and soundtrack are also doing their job. Sometimes it’s very similar to Silent Hill, I’m not about mutilated ex-humans, but about the general atmosphere, that you have when you are going through the grey mist in the game with an ambient soundtrack.

Another thing that surprised me was the high actor skills of Robert Pattison. I thought that after “Twilight” he will never redeem himself, but his character is good, nothing similar to his previous works.

I’ll not discuss the plot, it will be much more interesting to see this movie without any spoilers, thousands of which you can find on Youtube (I’m really lucky that I didn’t watch anything about this movie before I saw it). Just go and watch it, I’m sure that this movie will not let you indifferent.


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