A few more thoughts about Mr. Olympia 2020

Hello, everyone. This year after the start of the world’s shut down, almost all spot events were canceled. And there were very few really interesting sports performances (such things as fight Mike Tyson vs  Roy Jones Jr. are not really interesting, in my opinion). IFBB and their new president made an amazing job, they hold an Olympia even in such extremely hard conditions as today.

And after a week of it, I have a few thoughts, which I want to share.

We already talked about our new Mr. Olympia, which is absolutely undisputed. I think it will be a difficult job to overcome him next year. But let’s talk about other competitors.

Because of quarantine, some high-level competitors didn’t get to the show. One of them is Roelly  Winklaar. He decided to go the similar way as Big Ramy, he decided to do the hardest and dryest form as he can. He is one of the biggest bodybuilders in the world, with very similar proportions as Big Ramy (he even sometimes has a higher mass index).  But unfortunately, he got a COVID just a few days before the show.  I think it’s a great loss for this year.

Another unfortunate thing is that this year Olympia was the last show for Dexter Jackson. He was MR. Olympia once, but this time he finished in a very low place. And his position is fair, and I feel sorry for him, not good final for such a great bodybuilder.

Phil Heath, 7-time Mr. Olympia came back, and many fans thought that he is going to get his 8th title, but his shape was the worst that of all which I remember. His midsection is destroyed. He missed last year because of hard surgery, which was not a first, and he has had difficulties with his stomach for years before that. Now his stomach has only 2 ads, and it’s impossible for him to be as good as he was before. And looks like it was the last show for him too.

But on the positive side, I think the new champion will set new standards of mass and conditions for next years, which is progress for bodybuilding in general.

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