New Mr Olympia

Hello, everyone. if you not aware yet, we have a new overall Mr. Olympia champion this year. And this time line-up was not so weak as last time.

Our new Mr. Olympia is Mamdouh Elssbiay, also known as “Big Ramy”. He is really huge, that’s why he is Big Ramy, but all previous years he was just the biggest on the line. But this year he decided to go another way, he is 20 pounds lighter, but is so shredded, as never before. It’s his best-ever shape. If he will do the same further, he will be a long-years champion, as was Big Ron (Ronnie Coleman).

Ronnie was not only the bigger, he always was really sharp, with insane conditions. This time Ramy was the biggest with the best conditions. There is no way to win without better conditions and a bigger mass. And the very interesting fact that during this preparation he got a coronavirus and was unable to train at 100% and I think his diet was not the best for preparation for Olympia night. There even was a chance for him to not get to the USA  at all. IT was very difficult to get a VISA to the United States.

Some people say that he shouldn’t be in this competition, because he didn’t win any major show, which is the main requirement for qualification on Olympia. In my opinion, if any Olympia champion has automatic qualification for all their life, no matter how old or bad shape they have, or Kevin Levrone got a special invitation in 2016, Ramy has 100% right to be qualified. He won Mr. Olympia, do you think that he was unable to win a smaller show? He didn’t do it only because he got a COVID.

And this time IFBB made me believe that their judgment is not 100% BS, as last year’s.  It’s not a political or popular decision, he is really the best. The only competitor which in my opinion was put in the lower place is Hadi Choopan. Hadi has physic from the 90-th with great proportions and insane conditions. But this time he is the only 4th.

Also, I totally agree with the decision that Chris Bumpstead won the Classic Physic category. His shape is very similar to the golden age bodybuilding, much more similar than Breon Ansley. If they both were in the 212 category this situation might be different but by Classic Physic rules Chris is better.

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