Is bodybuilding dying?

Hello, everyone. In 2012-2013 was a great increase in the popularity of bodybuilding. It looked as everyone worked out, the sports supplement business was on its top, and everywhere on social media were tons of motivation videos. But after that, we see only declining in its popularity.

In my opinion, there are many reasons. First of all, every trend has a limited time of actuality. All fashion, musical, sport, and other trends were and always will be limited by its own time of popularity. Human society is structured in such a way, that human attention is quite fleet.

The second reason is its evolution. Today we have a lot of options, such as CrossFit, men’s physics, classic physics categories, which are looking much more interesting for non-hardcore bodybuilding fans (or such things as TRX or kettlebell). Via Crossfit, you can achieve very balanced body development, your body will be strong, endurance, functional. fewer-weight and more esthetic categories as classic physic and other new categories (which in the opinion of huge bodybuilders are for lazy people) are much attractive for average human, very few people want to be like Hulk.

Another reason is the absolute unhealthy lifestyle of giant mass-monsters from the absolute category. During the last 5 years, we saw a lot of bodybuilders deaths, and all of them were really big. When you trying to achieve an extreme level of your physic, you will harm your body in many ways. Steroids, insulin, growth garmon, huge amounts of food, dehydration, other health problems. I’ll never forget the story of one professional bodybuilder from 90th.

While he had a range of competition and was on his top, the level of potassium in his blood became extremely low. He lost consciousness on the stage, right after he won the contention. The doctor that came told him that if he wants to feel better he should be less strict in his preparations, and put a drip to his vein. After the drip, he felt much better. Then on the next day, he felt bad again, and the doctor put a drip again, after which he felt better again.

But he didn’t change his preparation, and when he traveled to the next competition, he was with a drip in his vein during his all trip (I think all other passengers on that train were really surprised to see it). Basically, professional huge bodybuilding is the absolute opposite of a healthy lifestyle.

The next reason is the lack of interesting personalities on the Olympia stage. There are no such persons as Dorian, Ronnie, Arnold. Even such freak as Kai Greene doing money not competing for 5 years already. The return of Phil Heath or special invitation for Big Rammy is not so big news, there is no so huge hype.

And the last big reason is the popularity of martial arts, especially MMA. I see that almost all guys who were big fans of bodybuilding 5-10 years ago in BJJ, Muay Thai, or MMA gyms now. Even most of the YouTubers and Instagram influencers post videos from martial arts gyms, but not with a huge deadlift of bench press.


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