Mixed Martial Arts

Hello, everyone. Our days MMA (mixed martial arts) is the most popular sport for young people around the globe (except in such countries as China, where national traditional martial arts are still dominant). And in all media you can see fighters from UFC, most of the fighting choreography in movies looks very similar to MMA. Let’s talk about this.

In my personal opinion, the term “Mixed martial arts” is not really accurate for the thing that it’s mean now. There is absolutely no art in this, martial arts it’s not the method of destroying the human body or type of sports events. Martial arts is the term, established for systems of Asian fighting systems, which includes self-development as one of its purposes. In most of such styles, you can find such aspects as self-discipline, respect, spiritual insight, improvement of your physical and mental health, in the same rage as fighting skills.

And what we can see on any UFC event? A bunch of guys which look like WWE wrestlers, trash talk before each fight, all or almost all fighters on steroids, rumors, scandals, and gossips everywhere, marketing methods everywhere. Basically, it’s new shows for those of us, who want to see blood. Even rules of such tournaments are made to harm fighters’ health as severe as possible without killing them. There is no need to kick and punch your opponent when he falls on the ground, such styles as boxing or kickboxing could find oud who wins without it. In grappling styles such as Judo or Jiu-Jitsu is not allowed to destroy your definiteness opponent, and in tournaments, their judges can find out who is better.

It’s more related to WWE than to other styles, with the only difference that there are no fake punches and scenarios of fights. A more accurate term would be MMF (Mix Martial Fights), or MMS (Mix Martial Sports) because it’s a sport with its own ruleset.

A very interesting fact is that most of the top MMA fighters are ex-champions and black belts from traditional martial arts (BJJ is a traditional style too). There are no great UFC champions who started their training in the MMA gym, without a long year practicing some traditional style.

Another fact is that all technics which you can see there are from traditional styles, there is no particular, at least 1 unique fighting technic, which was developed in MMA, and not picked up from some traditional style.

But most UFC fans will tell you that all traditional martial arts are BS, only MMA works. If you don’t know, professional UFC fighters are beaten in the real-life not less often than traditional martial arts practitioners with the same level of skills. As was spoken before, MMA is just a sport with its own ruleset, it’s not a system of self-defense in a city or rural environment.

P.S.: One of the worst things in MMA is that like in all popular fighting styles (like karate in past), most of the extremely stupid people and assholes are going to the MMA gyms. And the atmosphere there might be not very healthy.

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