Today’s social networks vs 00’s

Hello, everyone. This article is more for these of us who 30 years old and older or interested in the history of internet interactions.

If you were on the internet in the early 2000th, you know that interaction on the internet was different. There was no Instagram, Telegram, Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg coded it in 2004, but it became public after 2006, and in first years it was not so popular), Youtube, Twitter, etc. But there were millions of forums, blogs, most people used ICQ chat, and conversations via email was comfortable for most people.

During this period there were many fewer people with internet-addicted people because the internet was more complicated to connect (4G and wifi didn’t exist), and these services were less interactive. And there was no such shit hole as Twitter, where the absolute majority of interaction is negative (I don’t use it because it’s like eating from the trash bin). And society was much healthy mentally. For example, there were no thousands of BLM terrorists on the streets.

In my opinion, each new revolution in interaction technologies caused the dropping of the average intellectual level of internet users. Even during the Myspace era were much fewer trolls and absolute idiots. There were some, but dozens of times less.

Now you have Instagram with 99% of fake photos with tons of photoshop, shit hole Twitter, with leftist propaganda (you can go there if you want someone to defecate in your head), Facebook with thousands of dull idiots, which 24/7 sends you friend requests, and the only good service Youtube, with its own problems (such as broken strike system, where you can block the channel with absolutely fake claims).

Higher accessibility of the internet is good for work and business but decreases average level of human interaction.

2 thoughts on “Today’s social networks vs 00’s”

  1. Everything seemed more loose and fun in the Myspace days and I definitely preferred it as a place to discover music and people than the overly censored hypersensitive Hell that is Facebook.

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    1. It’s just impossible to enjoy Facebook, everything is so complicated there, and their censorship makes normal human communication so unnatural. I’ve found so many awesome bands and interesting people during Myspace days.

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