Hello, everyone. Let’s talk about such a thing as “body positivity”. Now it’s a leftists movement which propagates that all fat ugly feminists are beautiful, and if you don’t think so you’re an asshole and don’t like women. But such an idea as “body positivity” was not this crap when it was established.

First of all, the idea of body positivity is not about fat and problems with self-hygiene. There are somebody defects, desires, medical conditions, with which you can’t do anything (for example when a person was born without legs). And an idea was that such a person could be beautiful, and shouldn’t always worry about its appearance.

But as always, leftists destroyed this idea, and now this movement (now it’s more similar to movement) propagates that it’s no matter if you too lazy to eat healthy, train, take a shower, you should feel like if you’re the most beautiful creature in the world. And if someone tells you that you aren’t, he is a jerk and fascist.


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