Gun legalization

Hello, everyone. There are not so many countries, where you can have a gun legally. Not even in all countries, you can’t protect yourself or your family at all, in some countries in law you can find such thing as excessive self-defense (basically, criminals are more protected). Let’s talk about all of that.

There always debates about pro-gun and anti-gun, usually, it’s a debate between left and right. Leftists as a totalitarian form of government, against guns for citizens, because if most the citizens have a weapon, they can throw down the government (if it’s criminal as in Belarus now, for example). Impossible to kick away a dictator without a weapon, it’s clear if you’ll check the history of ex-Ukrainian president Yanukovich, who escaped from the country right after people started to shot.

Leftists always talk about Australia for example, where guns were forbidden after the 1996 massacre in Port Arthur. Yes, the number of shootings is decreased, but the number of violent crimes, such as rape, robbery, etc. increased. As you see in the US, in states where people have more guns all these antifa assholes behaved much more peaceful.

In some ex-USSR countries, most people have an opinion that if guns would be allowed there would be shootings everywhere. In my opinion, these people fear themselves, they know that they are assholes, who can kill a human without any reason, and they afraid that everyone around just like them.

And don’t lie to yourself, criminals will find weapons in any case, they are criminals, they give a fuck on your laws. When you restrict guns, you restrict it for law-abiding citizens.

Here are some benefits of legal guns:
1. You can protect yourself, your family, your friends, your property
2. The chance that when criminal attacks someone, there will be a good guy with a gun is much higher
3. Citizens can gather and create self-defense squads against dictatorship
4. Criminals with a weapon make much fewer crimes because they afraid to be killed
5. Citizens are more protected against mass riots, such as takes place in the US last few months

P.S.: You exist only because your ancestors were strong enough to protect themselves against people who wanted to kill them (natural selection). In our century we need guns to be able to do the same.

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