12 Monkeys (Review)

Hello, everyone. These days all movie industry do absolutely predictable and faceless crap. In the last half of a year it became even worse, all the premiers were moved due to the quarantine. And after the quarantine ends, we’ll have much fewer movies, because during the quarantine movie production significantly reduced. So, most of the really great movies that we can watch our days are from previous decades. “12 Monkeys” is one of them.

In the 90th Bruce Willis was one of these actors, appearances of which in the movie was like a mark of a high-quality (he began to screen everywhere and play himself after 2000). Terry Gilliam, who was famous mostly for Monty Python, created an amazing atmosphere of the post-apocalypse world and the inevitability of the catastrophe.

Brad Pitt played here one of his best roles, he is very convincing as a psycho. All actors made a great job, it’s one of the examples of a masterpiece, one of the best movies in the history of the movie industry.

This movie was inspired by a 1962 short film “La Jetee”, which itself is a very interesting work in science fiction and underground films. Similar cinematographical style Gilliam used in his earlier film “Brazil” (1985). There is no any CJI, which looks very weird our days when almost all scenes do 3d designers, not specialists of scenery.

The plot is about a deadly disease, which at the end of 1996  killed almost all human population of the Earth. This disease kills humans only, not animals. All the human population that left is living underground. In 2035 people started the program of time travel, in which prisoners can reduce their jail time executing tasks from the government. James Cole is one such prisoners who decided to participate in this program. His main task is to investigate the activity of “The Army of 12 Monkeys” in the 90th years of the 20th century, which is by the official version is responsible of spreading the deadly virus in 1996.

There are a lot of interesting turns in the plot during the movie, and it will be much more interesting if I’ll not spoil them here.

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