1349 – Hellfire (2005)

Hello, everyone. Today we’ll talk about a really interesting black metal album.

Artist: 1349
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Norway
Label: Candlelight
Type: Full-length
Format: CD, Digipak
Release date: 24 March 2005

I saw some reviews for this album which say that this album is a total chaotic mess. Well, if the most extreme music that you ever heard is the last Dimmu Borgir album, then yes, your ears will be hurt. This album is an example of high-tempo technical black metal, and chaotic elements bring even more energy and power to this record.

I’m glad that Frost (Kjetil-Vida Haraldstad) has a band where he can play real black metal (Satyricon last 20 years has nothing similar to black metal). Here he can use his impressive skills fully. Drums here sounds amazing.

The last album track “Hellfire” has not only the same title as the album, but it also has a length of 13 minutes and 49 seconds, 13:49. Music and lyrics in this track are written by Frost, and it has ambient elements. Really interesting track.

The sound on this album is crazy it’s a true Norwegian black metal, but recorded not in the worst possible way, like done Darkthrone on their bast albums, but with really good equipment. They go by the same way as Dark Funeral, they do the best to make a high-quality sound. All other albums o 1349 are not so intensive as this one, it’s really fire, hellfire. Very interesting record not only in 1349 discography but in black metal as style.

Also, you can find a video clip for “Sculptor Of Flesh”, one of the best black metal videos.

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