Is it possible to train online?

Hello, everyone. In my opinion, the more you practice your skill the higher level of it you gonna have. And I already made a few articles about self-development during the quarantine. But there is a range of solid arguments against training at home.

In any case, it’s much better to do attempts than not do it. Without attempts the progress impossible. But you should have achievable expectations from it. For example, you can develop running skills, if you have a space where you can run. Yes, it’s impossible to achieve a professional level of running, like Olympic athletes. To run as professional athletes you should spend about 10 years of training with high-level couches and use all progressive science methods for it. But if you run just for health or like cardio training, you can increase this skill for sure.

The same situation for stretching, with the difference that you even don’t need to go outside, like you do for running. If you know how to do it, the only what you need is persistence.

Some skills are just impossible to develop by yourself. In martial arts, you can train only movements and technics that you already know, which you mastered with an instructor and sparring partners. It’s almost impossible to learn new technics (it’s possible, but the chance is very low, only very talented people in the perfect case can do it). Such things as grappling, kicking sparring, are unachievable by the person at home without sparing partners. Even if you feel as you achieved it, in the real fight it will not work.

If you training home, you should have at least 1 training with an instructor offline or online. Because you can’t control all parts of your body near the mirror each second. Someone with higher level-skills should check your performance and fix your mistakes. You can learn some technics if you have a good instructor, who has experience in online coaching, can help you learn new technics. But you’ll need not video lessons but online training with web cameras, and he will watch how you do these new technics in the real-time. I trained with my teacher online during strict quarantine, but I think if we trained offline results would be better.

Also, you can have fitness/bodybuilding/powerlifting training at home, if you have training equipment there. But you should have a basis for it, you should know the proper technic of exercises with this equipment. I have 7 years of gym training and couch-certificate, and because of it I can write and perform a program for my home gym. I have equipment for strength training (barbell, typesetting dumbbell, bench, squat/bench press rack, horizontal bar, dip bar, deadlift rubber mats, yoga mat, resistance rubber, kettlebell, weightlifting belts, etc.). But you can’t become a mister Olympia or do powerlifting record training alone at the home gym. If you have equipment but don’t have knowledge of weight training you can do online training such as I described before.

In any way, you need years of training even with a good instructor offline for developing good skills or good shape. For achieving the same at home you would need much more time. When there is no strict quarantine I do home training when I want to drill some particular movement or skill. When I know how to perform it, but need more practice, home training is a really good method.

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