Belarusian protests 2020

Hello, everyone. Today I want to talk on a very important topic, Belarusian vote 2020, and Mr. Cockroach himself. So, let’s start.

As you see, Sasha 3% (Aleksander Lukashenko) draw himself more than 80% on the election last week. And it’s absolutely crazy, I’ve known that he is not really smart person (yes, I know that he has a few degrees, but in my opinion, a degree is not equal to a smart person, and when you are a dictator of the country you can have a 100% in different sciences). It’s ridiculous, where this 80% of Belarusian people are? Everyone can see 100,000 people in the center of Minsk today, but logically there should be another 800,0000 people on the pro-Lukashenko rally. But there are a few hundred old communists.

He was a “president” for 26 years, and he wants more, he decided to do his son the next leader, like Kim’s clan in North Korea. But the only problem that his son is 15 years old, and he is too young to be a president. So, Lukashenko older, by his own plan, should be a president for the next 4-5 years, till his son will be old enough.

But his communist’s dictatorship is fucked up everyone in Belarus for these 26 years. Basically, there is a mini version of the USSR, but much cheaper. And all candidates except for him were killed or jailed, and there never was any other candidate on the last 4 elections, which was strong enough to compete with him.

In current elections, he underestimated his opponent Svetlana Tikhanovskya, wife of ex-candidate Siarhei Tikhanovski, whom Lukashenko arrested. And it looks like in this election no one even did any manipulations during the poll, they just announced the result of Tikhanovska as a result of Lukashenko (because according to exit polls and observations, Lukashenko has less than 10% and Tikhanovska 80%).

Surprisingly to everyone Belarusian people, who tolerated Lukashenko for 26 years started to protest. And of course, dictator gave his order to suppress all protests, as cruel as possible (as an example for other people, what’s happens when you protest). But people of Belarus have balls.

There are some moments which do this picture a bit ambiguous:
– Svitlana Tikhanovska’s election campaign was sponsored by Russian oligarchs, and as you know, if Russians support someone (especially financially), it’s a very bad sign;

– Svitlana Tikhanovska doesn’t have any political views or positions. She even doesn’t want to be a president, she said that if she would be elected, she will make a new election with other candidates. And this is not a good position for a leader;

– Some organizations, which take part in protests are pro-Putin, and in their communities in social networks asks Putin to send troops to restore order in the country. What happens after that you can ask people from Donetsk and Lugansk, where is a war for the last 6 years;

– Most of Belarussians have no national identity, Mr. Cocroach has forbidden national flag, language, or any patriotic propaganda in the country. People older than 50 were USSR citizens, who nostalgic for Soviet times, people 30 and younger were educated without any national identity. And if Russia will decide to send their troops, as they did on Donbas, there will much weaker resistance than in Ukraine.

So, both paths are dangerous and not good for Belarus and countries around the border.

P.S.: Yes, I know that Putin promised help for Lukashenko, but it’s a classical Putin’s tactics, to play on both sides of the conflict.

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