Motorhead – Ace of Spades (1980)

Hello, everyone. Another great album, which made the difference in the music industry and has iconic status.

Artist: Motorhead
Genre: Heavy metal/Speed metal
Country: England
Label: Head Not Found
Type: Bronze
Format: CD, Digipak
Release date: 8 November 1980

In this album, you’ll find such an all-time hit as “Ace of Spades” (I think it’s obvious looking on the album title). This track is the most famous Motorhead song ever.

I think Motorhead is famous enough band, and it has no sense to explain how they sound, I’m sure that everyone knows who Lemmy Kilmister is, and how big his contribution in general metal sound is. By his own words, his music has roots in classic rock-n-roll, such as Elvis and Beatles, but Motorhead influenced the creating of such genres as Speed metal, Thrash metal, etc.

An atmosphere on all Motorhead records is like an old school shooter, with cool musculin heroes. Lemmy himself was a real-life badass guy, who could kick the ass of anyone. Basically, when you listening Motorhead you listen to metal from the time when metalheads were cool guys with balls, not today’s pussies with colored non-binary hairstyles and songs about their bad parents, which not allow them to buy a new PlayStation.

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