Scam: Binary auctions and forex

Hello, everyone. Weirdy enough, such things as binary auctions and forex platforms are still not banned everywhere. And it’s quite weird that someone still believes that it’s possible to earn money there. These things aren’t new, and it’s not a big problem to find out that it’s total, a 100% scam. But I see ads everywhere, on Youtube, Google play store, ads in public transport. If you somehow still didn’t realize that it’s the same shit as if you play pocket with a cheater, then I’ll give you clear explanations about what it is.

First of all, if someone offers you a big win, big presents of investment, he’s a scammer. Just ask yourself, why if this amazing thing is so profitable he doesn’t use it for himself? Why is he share with you this revolutionary method of earning money? Is he a saint? All real businessmen never share their method until these methods are profitable (because they are not idiots). And if someone from your friends, colleagues, or relatives trying to draw you in something with a huge profit, much higher than in real investment, send them to fuck themselves.

What Forex is really is? The foreign exchange market (Forex) is a global decentralized or over-the-counter (OTC) market for the trading of currencies. If you see the foreign exchange rate of currencies in your bank, it’s determined by real Forex. Only banks, with millions or billions of US dollars (or their analogs), might take part in such trading.

But instead of the real exchange market, some smart people with knowledge in bank processes created platforms, where everyone with a really small amount might take a part in trading. But they forgot to inform you, that all processes, on which you can affect, exists on the platform only, and nowhere else.

And this detail is the same for Forex platform and Binary auctions, you don’t have any access to real trading, all that you see exists only in the closed system, which is on their servers. And their developers already predicted and tested all possible algorithms, which might take place there, and you for sure never earn anything there.

The first time you might win something, but if you’ll try to withdraw it you’ll find out that it’s highly difficult to do (these scenarios they predicted too, and all possible versions of your behavior). You just can’t win a cheater by his rules on his territory.

So, both of them, Binary auctions and Forex platforms are a 100% scam, which has no links to real trading (even real trading itself is bullshit, as proof Warren Buffet, the same shit as gambling, just google it).

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