Clown World

Hello, everyone. Last weeks were so insane and so lame, that even a half a year ago I would not believe that it is possible. And I decided not to comment all of this for a while, to have more details and see clearly. And I don’t think that now there is a really clear picture. taking information from media, but so many things happen at the same time, that after a few weeks more it would be impossible to realize all of this in detail.

First was all this worldwide hysteria with coronavirus, then mass protests of terrorist organizations, such as antifa and BLM. And these protests are only the first results of stupid quarantine measures. When people enforced to be prisoners, mass protests and revolutions are logical results of it. And it’s no matter what is the nominal reason for it, police violence or something else.

And look now, the number of COVID infected people grows in much bigger proportions, but where is MOZ with their quarantine measures? Or coronavirus is so polite correct that it doesn’t infect liberals and antifa scum? Even after 7 months of its spreading numbers worldwide is not very different from the usual flu epidemic which happens every few years.

But for some reason, all world’s governments decided to destroy their economy and take all rights from their citizens for 3 months. Even in countries where was no quarantine, numbers of deaths are not really different from countries with strict quarantine.

The only people who were 100% for quarantine and self-isolation are twitter freaks, the same SJWs which now gather in thousands and robs stores worldwide. And now all twitter for these huge gatherings (the only hope that this virus is really so deadly and all these assholes who burns and robs cities will die from it).

Even people who responsible for the safety of citizens are useless now. Where is Trump, with his idea to include antifa jerks to the list of the terroristic organization? Why police officers, who do their job, instead of been prized have problems (like firing from their job and law prosecution)? All these governors and city mayors with ideas to defund the police, do you want to do your cities the same as in third world countries, where criminal bosses have more power than the government?

What the fuck is happening with society if the new symbol of these people is a criminal with more than 20-years crime experience? And if you hate the police and think that you are so cool outlaws, why you hide behind the police, when football hooligans and veterans want to talk with you on your language, by fists and sticks?

Why no actions against all these new “people’s republics”? An interesting fact that all “countries” that contain “people republic” in its name are totalitarian leftists shitholes, with a huge level of violent crimes. If people with an automatic weapon capture governmental buildings, inhabitant buildings, take these citizens as hostages, who then terrorists?

What want to achieve blacks in countries, where never was black slavery? Why people, which ancestors came to the US in the 20th century are blamed for slavery?

After all of this, what might happen next? Aliens from space will start a galactic war? Countries governments will decide to nuke their own cities?

P.S.: No, I don’t think that cope killed George Floyd was right or a nice guy. He is prisoned and will have his punishment. But all these violent protests have the only purpose, to destroy today’s society and culture, which are the most tolerant in whole human’s history.

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