Scam: Dating websites

Hello, everyone. This article is the first one from the new category “Scam”. This category is about different types of fraud that you can find on the web or offline.

Dating sites were popular some time ago, and I was surprised that they still exist. Social networks and apps are much more useful, fast, and informative for such purposes. And the biggest difference within today’s dating sites and sites that worked 10-20 years ago that almost all of them are made to denude your money.

The most popular websites now are sites like “find a Russian/Asian wife”, “meat hot Russian/Asian girls”, etc. Why Russian or Asian? Because in the western countries exists such stupid misconception that Russian/Asian (Vietnamese, Thai, Laos, etc.) women are much more hardworking, attentive, and less spoiled by consumerism and feminism. And this is bull shit. I don’t know exactly about Asian women (but if they trying to achieve their goals in the same way as Russian I can conclude that my statements are honest for them too), but you even can’t imagine how spoiled and depraved are most women in ex-USSR countries. Owners and teams on such websites are from ex-USSR and Asian countries either.

But the point of this article is different. The main scam on dating websites that most accounts are made by administrators of these websites, all photos are made by professional photographs and models, which got a salary for each photo and video. And the most interesting that all chats are corresponds by non-professional translators or students, which works part-time (you can find hundreds of job vacancies on Russian, Ukrainian, and other job boards, for translators on dating sites and models). So, on these sites you’ll chat with mostly guys.

All such websites adverts like free-to-start, but you’ll reach the limit or responses very fast, and after that the site offers you a premium subscription, which is not cheap. Gifts on such websites are expensive too. The goal of translators, who corresponds from the name of models on the photos, is to chat as long as possible (some chats with one particular account for a half of a year or even more) and to enforce the man to send a gift. Sometimes when the user agrees to pay an insane amount for video chat, website administration pays the model, which photos are used on this particular account, for video stream without sound (because they don’t know English mostly, and they never chatted with this man before).

Sometimes users buy the phone number of the “girl”, and come to the city where “she” lives. But the website administration sells fake phone numbers, which is never responding, and no one arrives at these meetings.

Exists also another type of dating site. They are works almost the same as previous, with the only difference that there accounts of real women. And it is possible to meet these women and even wed them. Chats, gifts, and video calls are extremely expensive too.

You can say that these websites are not a scam, accounts are real. But the scam there is works differently. All the women on such websites (with 0.1% exception) are women after 30, with children mostly, which looking not for love, but for a sponsor for them and their children (domestic prostitution). And even younger of them, without children, are looking for money and citizenship in richer countries. Most of such marriages end as soon as women get citizenship. Then she starts a divorce process, takes money from her new-ex-husband, and does a family reunification claim, and all her relatives come for their new citizenship.

So, if you are single and want to find a woman, use social networks and look for someone who not depends on your citizenship, money, sponsorship. In social media, you can see if the woman that you met is not a prostitute, not cheat on you, etc.

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