Frank Dux: fake or legit?

Hello, everyone. If your childhood was during 80th – 90th, such movies as “Bloodsport” (1988) were your favorite. And a very interesting fact about this film is that it’s possessed as real-bassed. And Frank Dux is a real person. But it’s not so clear if it really based on real events. Let’s talk about Frank Dux and his legacy.

During my pre-school and elementary school years, Jean-Claude Van Damme was one of my favorites actors, I’ve watched all movies with him (also with Bruce Lee, Jacky Chan, and other martial actors). There were no internet, PC games, cable TV (my childhood years were in USSR times and first years after its split), or other today’s children’s activities. Even VHS recorders were highly uncommon. And in so great moments, when some TV channel showed some movie about martial arts, each boy was overjoyed.

I think such movies were not so popular in western countries, because even 30 years ago there were many more interesting activities, VHS, console games, and real Karate (Taekwondo, Wushu, and other martial arts) schools. In USSR and post-USSR countries were very few really skilled martial arts specialists (because in USSR was a law, and if you decided to teach someone Karate, you risked going to jail).

But let’s back to “Bloodsport” and Frank Dux. According to Frank’s book and his interviews, he was a special agent, worked for the CIA, fought with terrorists, his teacher was a real ninja, the last in his clan, he won a secret fighting tournament called “Kumite” (not even once), set a few martial arts world records, won 329 fights with 0 loose, and know a deadly technic known as “din mac”.

But before we started to think about all these claims, let’s mark a few positive points about Frank Dux. He really was a SEAL, he is not a bad martial artist (watching videos with his technic, I conclude that his main style is Karate), he worked with some cult martial arts movies as a fight choreographer.

And now, let’s talk about his achievements. He claims that we fought in Vietnam, but Vietnam War ended before Frank went to the military. There is no documentary mansion about Medal of Honor, and even on the photo, where Frank has this medal, there is a US Army type of this medal, not SEAL type.

No one from CIA authorities can prove that Frank worked for the CIA. Frank can argue that operations in which he was involved are so secret, that no one can spread such information.

There is no documentary mansion that Seizo “Tiger” Tanaka even existed. who according to Dux, was his Ninjutsu master, and taught him “din mac”. Even the name of this old ninja is similar to a character from the James Bond movie “You Only Live Twice”.

Also, Frank said that he won 5 secret tournaments called “Kumite” (yes, I know that Kumite is one of Karate disciplines). But there are no real mentions about this tournament. There were a few people who confirmed existing of this tournament. One of them was Dux’s friend, who refute it later.

And even if such tournament existed, Frank stated that this tournament consisted of 60 rounds. But if there were so many rounds, there should be 576,460,752,303,423,488 fighters on such tournament. Interesting, where did they find so many fighters?

I think there is no sense to explain anything about “din mac”. It’s absolute fantasy if you believe that there is a secret deadly technic, you should grow up.

One of the most interesting points from Frank’s story. When someone asked where is his Kumite prize (which by Dux’s words should be real katana), he told an amazing story. The sword was sold in a failed attempt to buy the freedom of a boat of orphans, who he later rescued from pirates. And he stopped a plot to assassinate Steven Seagal.

And of course, by Frank’s words, all critic of his stories is spread by his rivals from other dojos.

1 thought on “Frank Dux: fake or legit?”

  1. Frank Was NEVER a Navy Seal . spent less them 100 days of active duty . noted by Family and Friends


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