Conspiracy theories

Hello, everyone. Human society (especially the stupid part of it) is highly influenced by different conspiracy theories. And now, when we all under quarantine, the number of such theories grown even more.

There is a wide range of conspiracies, from reptiloids to sport and religious theories. Some people even combine a few or even 10 of them (probably if you are a person who likes one of such theories, it’s very easy for you to believe in others). There are even theories about one particular air crush or person. Basically, there are some people with such mental conditions, which are glad to find another “secret information”. And sometimes it’s very near to mental disorder.

But why there are so many such theories? Well, first of all, news agencies and other media have more or less strict rules of moderation (to prevent a panic, riots, or to be suitable with political views of authorities). And when people see and hear not all information or fake information, they begin to supplement information from their own imagination. And most of the time it looks awful.

The most topical conspiracies are Bill Gates created coronavirus for creating a vaccine, which is a chip, which will control people worldwide. And this is a conclusion from the TED Talks. Many people believe that he said that by vaccines Bill wants to kill most of the human population. And it’s bull shit.

He said that if we will vaccinate people in the third world countries, the child mortality rate will be much smaller, and because of that there would be no sense for families in such countries to have 10 children (now they produce so many children because in some country only 3 of 10 children can reach 18 years, other 7 dies). And it’s a fact that in countries with low child mortality no traditions to have as many children as possible. And as a result, there will be much fewer deaths from lack of nutrition, and even new diseases will be spreading much slower (as you know, in countries with bigger population density diseases spreads slower).

Another insane theory that 5G towers case radiation sickness and coronavirus is the result of that (because when you have radiation sickness your immunity doesn’t work, and even common cold is deadly for you). First of all, only in 40 countries, this technology exists, and only in 10 or less it is spread enough (in most of these 40 countries it exists only in 1 or 2 cities), but you can find coronavirus everywhere worldwide. And the most important, 5G emotion is not ionizing, and it’s absolutely safe.

Each conspiracy more or less has some truth or misconception, in its core, but also has some holes and can be explained.

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