Ego lifters

Hello, everyone. All sports events are restricted for 2 months already (except for home gym online shows like Hafthor Bjornson’s 501-kilo-deadlift), and you can find online only rumors, speculations, and funny videos screened for some time ago. And the most popular type of funny videos from the gym is ego lifts.

Everyone of guys, who do weight training, at least once tried to do some exercises with weights bigger than your body can handle on (and I can tell from my 7 years experience, all the guys have done it, but almost no girls tried something like that). But if you have something inside your skull (and I’m talking not about shit), you didn’t do it many times.

First of all, it’s the easiest way to get an injury. You can throw the muscle, ligament, broke a bone, get a hernia, or dislocate your joint. Or all of these at the same time. And after you got it, you’ll be not able to continue to work out for some months (or even will be not able to do it in any future). So, basically, instead of progress you’ll step down (yes, all specialists can tell you that if you do 2 inches leg press, biceps curl using your back and legs, quarter squat or bench press, you’ll not get any progress).

Second, it’s not effective at all. You just can’t do exercises in proper form, and your muscles not contract as it should. And even if you imagine yourself as a great powerlifter, go and ask some professional or even amateur but successful powerlifter, if he trains with weight bigger than they can handle on. Yes, powerlifters do huge lifts and presses, but they do slow progression during their training cycle, and when they do some new weight their bodies are prepared for this (and they do proper form).

The only things that you can achieve by doing ego lifts are injuries, hemorrhoids, and become another guy in youtube videos about idiots in the gym.

P.S.: If you don’t do any work out because of quarantine, you are a lazy ass, you can buy some weight or do it yourself (just google how), horizontal bar, or even do some bodyweight exercises.

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