What to do during quarantine?

Hello, everyone. All festivals, concerts, exhibitions, movie premiers, sports events (even training itself}, political and cultural events, celebration, and all other mass events are forbidden because of quarantine. Basically, almost nothing is happening right now. We can talk about quarantine measures and the virus itself (is it real, is it so deadly that we all should be prisoners, what is the real reason for quarantine, etc.) forever. But I’m already tired of that. Let’s talk about things that you can do from your home to not lose your progress and not go insane.

  1. Work. Yes, there are some professions, which can’t work online. Waiters, professional sportsmen, hairdressers, and many others just can’t work from home. Bt for most of today’s professions exists such tools, which can allow you to work from home. I work from home for 9 years, and this situation didn’t affect my work schedule. The only time when I worked outside was when I was a trainer in the gym. But now even trainers can make online training. I even continue my martial art training, my teacher learned how to organize training by “Zoom” app. And as I know, even offline professions, which are important for people living, such as preparing food, medical help, stores, etc. are works now.
  2. Training. As I mentioned in the previous point, I continue my workout. Not only martial arts, but I also bought some weights, and do power training at home. And there are hundreds of exercises that you can do with adjustable dumbells, kettlebells, barbells, and home horizontal bar. And the only thing that you need is your motivation.
  3. Watch movies. Even without premiers, the human civilization created hundreds of thousands of movies. And I’m sure that no one form you have seen at least 1$ of them. Last month I saw many more movies than the last ten years or even more. I don’t like most of today’s Hollywood movies, and I don’t have any problem when I watch movies that were made before liberal propaganda.
  4. Play some online games. Yes, most servers are overload now, but if you have free time, you can find some games with good servers.
  5. Read books. I didn’t read much during this quarantine, but I want to start. Even if you don’t have any books at home, you can find so many books online.
  6. Make your social media or blog more active. I know that it’s really difficult to make Instagram more active when you sit at home. But there are other social media, where you can write something (this point might be for myself too because I became less active on my blog and social media).
  7. Repair or at least clean your home. I know that there are some people who keep their homes perfectly clean and orderly. But it is less than 1% I think, be fair, your home is not in perfect order. You have the possibility to fix it.
  8. Learn something, something for your profession, to change your profession, to make you a higher level specialist in your current profession. There are millions of online courses online, I learned my profession in this way and I know what I’m talking about.
  9. Build or create something. I heard so many words from people that said that they have a brilliant idea and the only reason why they didn’t make it happen is lack of time. Well, now you have a lot of time.
  10. Optimize your habits, especially the way how you eat. Most of the people who eat mostly crap explained it by whining that they don’t have enough time to prepare healthy food (which is bullshit, you always can find some time for it). Now you have enough time.

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