“Chernobyl” HBO miniseries review

Hi, everyone. Because of quarantine worldwide, I have a bit more free time. Next week will be the 34th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. And some idiots this year decided to set up a fire to the forest near the Exclusion Zone (yes, it was made by a human, police arrested these assholes).

All these reasons, and the fact that I leave in 80 miles from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, inspired me to watch the miniseries from HBO “Chernobyl”. Let’s talk about it.

During my school years, I heard a lot of information about this disaster, from teachers, from real people who worked there (on each anniversary our school invited someone who worked when an accident happened, even my grandfather and neighbor were from Chernobyl liquidators number.

And in my opinion, this movie (this miniseries looks more like a long movie than as a series) is highly accurate. I know that there are thousands of trolls on the web, who try to convince people from other countries that this plot is fiction. And if you check accounts of these trolls, you’ll see that they are fakes, communists (and as you know communist is a diagnosis), or just idiots from other countries, who just can’t know anything about it.

The one thing that was not shown in this miniseries, that 5 days after this disaster there was an International Workers Day mass parade, with children. And only after that media started to talk about disaster and danger. And it was a usual thing for USSR. There were similar accidents before that, which were secreted by KGB, information about which appeared only after 1991 when USSR split out.

Only because scientists from west countries recorded high-level of radiation and an epicenter of it, soviet authorities admitted that it has happened.

This is a highly atmospheric movie, with extremely accurate scenery. I never seen other west movie with so accurately convey of living condition in USSR, I didn’t see such first aid cars for at least 15 years here, and other things. I don’t know where they found all of this. Most actors made their work amazingly, so good. Music and sound effects complete the atmosphere and translate the mood.






Highly recommend to watch

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