World on quarantine

Hello, everyone. I didn’t think that be at home for a month is so harmful to mental state. I have so much time to write something but have no desire to do it. But let’s talk about all this world quarantine.

Current official numbers are almost 1.8M confirmed cases of coronavirus, 109K deaths. But as most medical professionals think that only 15-20% of total cases are tested, because only 15-20% of infected people have severe symptoms. And it is really possible that most of you already infected, but you have a good enough immune system that you even don’t know it.

As you see all news medias doing the best to spread panic. And from my experience, it never happens accidentally. It could be because the only way to get attention these days is extreme negative content. Or it could be because world elites have their benefits from that. For example, mostly liberal societies agreed with total control (apps for tracking of motions for example) and self-isolation, because of fear (just like after the 11th of September the US accepted total surveillance as necessity). Control is a much bigger power than money.

And it’s a big question, what will bring more deaths, coronavirus or the world’s economic crisis, which will be much bigger for the last 90 years (or it could be even in the world’s history). Plus I very doubt that elites will refuse total control of the human population when this pandemic ends.

In my country, for example, every week we have one or a few new tightening measures of quarantine. It’s useless because most of the people are not follow them, and our police forces are not strong enough to force them. And each new measure makes harm to economic, not virus. And authorities not able to do something effective, they just make the impression that they do everything that they can. Because if they stop doing it, their ratings will drop greatly.

But now we can only try to find ways to continue our lifestyle in the most familiar and comfortable way. For example, you can buy online some sport-equipment and do some home workout.

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