Bruce Lee: facts, fictions, thoughts

Hi, everyone. Because of the total quarantine in almost the entire world, everyone has a lot of free time. And because of that, there are many more people on the internet. One of my main interests in life is martial arts. As I see, Bruce Lee is still one of the most engaging themes in the world of martial arts.

Bruce Lee is an almost mythical person in mass media. You can find thousands of fakes in the world web, for example, Nokia advertising, where an actor, which paly Bruce Lee, play tennis by nan-chacks. And many of not really smart people think that Bruce Lee is some kind of superhuman, the best martial artist of all time. And every time when someone talks about fakes and fables about Bruce Lee (all movies about Bruce’s life for example), come thousands of idiots and writes tonnes of hate comments.

Because of that, there is another side of this engagement. People who tired of fakes about Bruce’s abilities express the opinion that Bruce was faker, and all his texts and videos are total bull shit.

Well, the truth is in the middle. He was a martial artist, with above-average abilities (even by today’s standards, which is higher than 50 years ago), very artistic, with very progressive for his time ideas. Now, about myths and facts.

Bruce Lee was not a founder of MMA. Yes, there are similarities between MMA and Jetkun-do. But the main idea is different, Jetkun-do is the method of a fight, which is against all rules, MMA is the type of competition where fighters from different styles could compete according to the list of rules. But to be honest, the founders of MMA might have been impressed by Bruce’s movies and especially his fight with Sammo Hung in “Enter the Dragon” (and copied his gloves).

When I saw Bruce Lee for the first time I’ve heard that he was so fast that it was impossible to shoot his movement without blur. But if you will check his only video from real-life demonstration, it’s not some inhuman speed. In 60-70th video cameras shoot video with speed 24 frames per second. And it is not very hard to move faster, almost watching today’s Boxing or Taekwondo competitions frame by frame you can find that most of the top fighters move with the same or even higher speed.

I personally very don’t like the fact that in his movies such as “Fist of Fury” and “Way of the Dragon”, he shown that Chinese martial arts are better than Japanese or any else. And he didn’t use any Chinese styles in these movies. His hand technic is Boxing, legs – Taekwondo, and grappling elements from Judo. And I don’t have experience in Judo, but I’m sure that if you practiced Boxing or Taekwondo for a long time, you can see that Bruce was not so good in these technics.

Most of technics that was amazing in his demonstrations are not fighting technics. In “Enter of the Dragon” he said that there are no real applications in the fight of breaking the deck. But his 1-inch punch (which is 2 or even 3-inch punch, if you will look carefully this demonstration), is doesn’t have any application in the real fight either.

Bruce Lee was a really a very progressive thinker and martial arts practitioner. In his times most of the martial arts were so self-closed, that his ideas were unthinkable. And his book “Dao Jit Kundo” includes very interesting ideas even for today’s world.

He was the first movie actor who had shoot intense fights. His fighting scenes looks modern even today. Before him, all fighting scenes in Chinese movies looked awfully and stupid. He made a revolution in fighting movies.

He was the first martial artist who understood that your body should be trained and in good shape if you want to be an effective fighter.

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