Coronavirus hysteria

Hello, everyone. I didn’t write here for a while, not because I got a coronavirus and died, I got a lot of problems because of quarantine in the country. And I hate all this hysteria that is happening now.

One more time we see proof that most people are stupid and all news agencies doing the best to warm up the panic (for higher rating). People, who can explain to me, why do you grab all the toilet paper that you can find? What type of virus is there? Flu or diarrhea?  It looks like all of you so scared that you shitting on yourself all day long.

I see quarantine everywhere. Yes, this sickness might kill you. But the car might kill you too, 7,000-8,000 people die in car accidents every day. And what, do you see automobile ban of some kind? In 2018 during the flu epidemic died 80,000 people in the US only. And what we see now? 50 people died in the US, 7,000 worldwide for 2 months or more of this “unseen disease”. And even the NBA, NFL, UFC, and other events were canceled.

Maybe I’m a moran, but I can’t understand why everyone is so scared. I see that all news channels and social media trying to spread panic 24/7. And the question is, who is getting a profit from it? I don’t believe that it is occasionally. Fuck, people use your brane, did you forgot how to do it?

Just look at facts, not on emotions and use statistic sources, not fakes in messengers and social media.

Here is a good statistic source about this virus

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