A few words about BJJ

Hello, everyone. If you know this blog and read my previous articles about martial arts and BJJ in particular, you can think that I’m a BJJ hater. No, I don’t hate this style. In this article, I’ll explain my opinion and experience of BJJ.

First of all, I have some bias against BJJ, because I don’t like everything which is mainstream. BJJ is everything, it’s so popular that you can find ads, banners, everywhere across the internet, BJJ dojos in any city (with low-level instructors mostly). And it’s difficult to find out what is more popular MMA or BJJ. In most cases, clubs include both styles. It’s like food, even very tasty food will make you sick if you’ll eat it every meal and everyone will talk about it.

To have a competent opinion I tried to train in BJJ dojo and watched dozens of competitions with top BJJ fighters.

In my opinion, BJJ is a good wrestling style, with pluses and minuses. It’s good for competitions with MMA-like rules (MMA rules takes its origin from UFC, where rules were created to show how good Grassy Jiu-Jitsu is), good for a one-on-one fight (BJJ guy will easily choke you). But if you have a few enemies, just when the fight will go to parter (where BJJ guy are gods), all guys except one with which you wrestle will play soccer by your head. Also, wrestlers are very vulnerable to knives, because of skill to short the distance.

And against Greco-Roman wrestling, BJJ is useless, till the fight will go to parter (BJJ guys almost always weaker physically than wrestlers, and almost doesn’t include any standing techniques).

But in general, BJJ is a good wrestling style, which is unique in its own way, and not the best in the world (as all mass media trying to possess it). And I can understand why many people train in BJJ dojos for many years, the atmosphere there is extremely friendly.

P.S.: If you think that members of Gracie family are the best fighters in the world, you should tell it Kazushi Sakuraba

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