Naturals vs steroid users

One more time about natty vs juice bodybuilding

Hello, everyone. In the last article on this theme, I made some non-accurate statements. No, it’s not a bull shit, but not absolutely accurate, and people who know this subject could say that I’m a not specialist. So, let’s complete this subject.

The main statement which is not really accurate it’s about mass gain, which is not possible without steroids. Yes, it’s the truth for most cases, but there are some exceptions. For example, if a teen starts to train, and he grows in hight, then he can get really markable mass gain. I know one case when a 13-years guy started to train with 5 feet 1 inch high (155 centimeters) and 92 lbs weight (41.68 kg). So, he was a small and skinny guy. He started to train, eat right, and after 3 years he was 6 feet 2 inches (188 centimeters) and 181 lbs (82 kg). And I absolutely sure that he made it without any kind of pharmacy.

Yes, the guy grew his weight 2 times for 3 years. But he also grew for more than a feet in high. It’s impressive, and he achieved it because he was in the pubertal period, started to train, and changed his everyday regime. When you are a teen guy, your body produces an insane amount of testosterone and growth hormone.

A similar situation for people who were a professional athlete stopped to train, and for a few years eat too few nutrients for his body. Basically, ex-bodybuilder with dystrophy as a result of a lack of food. Yes, such a human can gain a lot of muscle mass.

I’m sure that there are some cases which I didn’t describe here, but if you are adult, without dystrophy, with average genetic (or even below average), it’s impossible to gain big muscle mass fast.

And a few words on another subject. Sometimes I see more reasons to not use steroids and hormones for myself. There are guys in the gym who use it, I know how to recognize when someone on juice. And when they using it they are so self-confident, always talk loudly, gives advice to everyone. But when they stop to use it (when they want to give a rest for the hormonal system, or any other reason), they look a few times smaller (I know that the difference is nearly 20-50 lbs, but looks like a few times smaller), wear long-sleeve cloth, speak quietly, and try to be not in the limelight.

And when I see it I ask myself “Am I want this, to be just like this guy?”. Basically, they are addicts, addicts not to drugs, but to this superman feeling. And I know that if I start to use it, I’ll be not able to refuse it. Such life makes sense only if you have good genetics for professional sport, but not if you use it only for self-confidence.

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