VVOV – Marto (2020)

Artist: VVOV
Genre: EBM/Darksynth/Black Metal
Country: Finland
Label: Self-release-Independent
Type: Full-length album
Format: FLAC, MP3
Release date: January 10, 2020

Today is so many different mixes, crossovers, experiments in the music world. And sometimes it’s really hard to find pure examples of music style. And this is one such experiment. Similar things tried to do dark electro bands, such as Psyclon Nine, Alien Vampires, Dawn Of Ashes, ex/current black metal bands. such as Mysticum, Aborym, The Kovenant. But this sound is something new. Some tracks sound more like black metal, some more like EBM or dark synth, but in general sound mixed in a unique way.

Authors characterize this work as:

Marto is pure hopelessness in audio form, both violently aggressive and desperately melancholic.

“The Finnish word “Marto”, used here metaphorically, means not only infertility but death itself. This is an album about existential suffering, constantly reconfirmed misanthropy and the suffocating nature of collectivism.”
– The Vessel

In general, this album is easy to listen to, not fully indiscrete, and a bit short. But still, this is something fresh and interesting. It definitely has potential and in my opinion, if they will not change a genre, they will realize more interesting music.

You can find this album on Bandcamp and Spotify

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