Coronavirus nCoV

Hello, everyone. This is the hottest theme in the mass media today. New deadliest virus, and again, from China. And there are so many versions of why and how it appeared. I want to take my part in the discussion too.

First of all, this is not the deadliest virus ever, and it’s impossible that it will kill humankind. The rate of death is too small to be so deadliest (even during the last 50 years were viruses with much higher death level). And if there were no social media, which do all the best to gain more traffic and profit, information about it would be not so loud.

But why did it appeared? The main theory is that it appeared because of the market in Wuhan city, where they sell hundreds of animal kinds, which Chinese eat (I think you already saw videos where they eat live mouth or other animals). Well, if this version is the right one then they deserve it (Chinese are extremely disgusting in their food behavior).

But this version is too simple and the question is, why does it appeared now, but not 5 or 10 years ago? Chinese food behavior is the same for centuries. There are many theories about its origin. The USA or Russian bacteria weapon, for example. Well, it probable.

But in my opinion, everyone forgets about mass riots in Hong-Kong and Taiwan, which will calm down, because of virus precautionary measures. And if you’ll check articles about Wuhan city, there is a bacterial study laboratory. In such laboratories scientists study viruses, trying to create vaccines, and develop new viruses (yes, they will tell that not). And in my opinion, there are too many coincidences. If you think that it’s too harsh for the government, to spread the virus for profit, then check articles what China government practice for their stability and security.

P.S.: There is an interesting interactive map that shows the total coronavirus statistic, you can find it here.


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